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This is one of our quick recipes. I should thank my room mate (Divya Mahabal) for introducing me to this and some other special recipes. Puffs remind me of birthdays as we used to make them for birthday parties of our friends. This recipe comes in handy, when you do not have a sweet tooth or cannot eat too much birthday cake. I remember once a friend asked us if we had ordered them from a restaurant. So this is definitely for some one who does not want to spend much time in the kitchen and yet wants to impress others with their dish.


Egg puffs:

1. Eggs- boiled ( and halved)
2. Salt and pepper
3. Chat masala
4. Phyllo pastry sheets

Vegetable puffs:

1. Potatoes -2 (boiled and mashed)
2. Chat masala
3. salt and pepper
4. Green chilli/pepper -1(finely chopped)
5. Green peas- one cup (boiled)
6. Phyllo pastry sheets
7. Cilantro (finely chopped)

Easy to make puffs

Easy to make puffs


Egg puffs:

1. The phyllo pastry sheets are frozen, when you buy from the market. So it is best to keep the sheets in room temperature for at least 45 minutes prior to cooking.

2. Take one of the pastry sheet and cut them into squares. Place one half of the boiled egg on the cut square. Sprinkle a pinch of salt, pepper and chat masala.

3. Fold the square along the diagonals, to get the shape I have in the picture.

4. You can also cut rectangles of the pastry sheet. Place the egg and fold the sheet so that the egg is completely covered like I have done. Apply water along the edges of the pastry sheet when you fold, so that the ends are held tightly.

5. You may apply egg wash on the puffs. It gives good browning. Bake the puffs at 400 F for about 15 minutes or until the puff are golden brown.

Vegetable puffs:

1. Add peas to the mashed potatoes. Then add a pinch of chat masala, salt, pepper and cilantro to the potatoes. Mix them well.

2. Cut the pastry sheets into squares or triangles. Fill them with the potato mixture. Seal the ends by using water.

3. You may apply egg wash to get good browning. If you are vegetarian, you can skip the egg wash. Bake the puffs at 400 F for about 15 minutes or until the puffs are golden brown.


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